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Friday, August 27, 2010

A weekend in Toronto...

Friday after work our plan was: 1.go sign the contract for our new apartment 2. Do laundry 3. Pack our bags.

Number one we did but then we got a text from our Danish friend here in Montreal. She said that she was going to the Distillery to have a drink and that we were welcome to join her, which of course we did. We ended up getting tipsy from one drink and left early. It was nice to talk to other Danish people and socialize.

In Toronto my cousin, Andy, was our man!! We went with him to a bbq party that his friend Monty held and it was fun. They were cool and down-to-earth peeps. There were a lot of kids though - reminding me not to rush into that if I still want to party, travel and live the lifestyle that I do.
Later that night it started pouring down and we had to go home and change before heading downtown. We didn't think that finding a parking spot would be a problem, seeing as how the weather was horrible for anyone who wanted a night out, but it was. We couldn't park the car anywhere on Queen street, where Andy was meeting one of his friends, so we drove to college and decided to go to a bar called Andy pool hall.
Normally, it's just a bar with pool tables and people come there to have a casual night out but that night we had to pay a cover fee - it was packed! with women/girls!! When we stood at the bar buying drinks we realized that it was lesbian night. There were some aggressive women there- pushing us on the dancefloor and being their butch selves. scary.. but a lot of fun!
Andy took us to Messini's for a late night gyro. That was yummie!

Sunday we wanted to go to the CNE downtown but Andy's friend Chris Daughtry who works there gave us a heads up - saying that it was a bad idea going there because of the weather. We went back to Monty's for a chill bbq part 2.

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