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Monday, August 2, 2010

Practically impractical

This has been a crazy weekend. I was asked to work saturday in exchange for a monday, so that I did. We had to do an audit, so basically I was in the basement for two days but I loved it. I turned the radio on and did everything at my own pace. This is why... Earlier that week I had to do the labels for the hang tags, which is simple enough. You write the name and the code for an item and you press print. For some reason beyond my technological intellect the printer dies! It literally stops. It doesn't react and the red light kept flashing. I turned it off and then on again but nothing happened. I was asked to do something else the rest of that day.
I was also asked to take photos of every garment in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. These photos go into the linesheets which is like a catalog for the buyers. On each of these linesheets there is a picture of the item together with the name, fabric code and fabric description and the price. That also sounded like a doable task. Click click click and taddah! Easier said/written than done. I must have pissed off the god of electronic equipments, because once we had uploaded the pictures to the computer we saw that they were horrible. Out of focus and awful lighting.
This is why I was glad to be put in the basement aka. the dungeon by myself.

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