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Monday, August 2, 2010

Spike, Nute and Orchid

My cousin Mike from Toronto is visiting us this weekend and we're happy that he could join our little Mtl family of two for a little while.
Ditte and I decided to go clubbing friday night and I wanted to party hard even though I knew I had work in the morning. We had a great time and I had no problem getting up the next day.
Saturday. What a day. I worked and I came home. Took a nap. Ate some food and PARTIED! It started out as it usually does. Ditte and I sit in the kitchen and pre-drink, listen to music and dress up. We went to the club and this time we met 3 young girls. They were happy - still unspoiled by reality - and very friendly. I lost almost all memory of that night after that. I woke up sunday morning feeling like a 16 year-old who partied for the first time. I felt like my head was spinning and just the thought of alcohol -  made me sick - but it was worth it.

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