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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Montreal, I love you!

I have been in Canada for a little more than a month now and I don't wish to be anywhere else.

I started my trip in Toronto where I spent some time with my cousins, aunts and my uncle. They took such great care of me that when I finally came to Montreal I felt lonely and scared. Luckily, that was only the first three days -then Joakim came and stayed for two weeks.  We did a lot of walking and had a blast. Our friend, Will from Seattle came to visit us and it's always fun to see him!

When they left Ditte (aka. my new roomate) joined me. We are both in Montreal to intern, but at two different places. Ditte's first day is this monday and we're both very excited about it. What will her tasks be? How will they treat her? Will they only speak French? =)
I have been an intern for a month now and there has been ups and downs. It's hard to be motivated and see what the incentive is when you work and slave for free. With that said, I have learned so much these last three weeks that I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's interesting to observe other people and see how they are under pressure - how they treat you when they are stressed out and frustrated.

When I'm not at work:

We got an apartment close to downtown (15 min. walk) and the neighbourhood is the best! People here are friendly, polite, helpful, down-to-earth and just enjoy life.
We have been shopping on St-Catherine, had dinner in China town and partied hard on St-Denis - and we've have only taken the metro once! -which was when we went to Wal-mart.
The best food we have had must have been the all you can eat sushi. The next time I go I will remind myself that it's "All you can eat", so I don't have to order EVERYTHING at once.... and the best place to party? "Le diable vert" - We met our best friend, Simon, whom we danced like maniacs with and gave us contreau shots! Ditte has a lot of pictures on her camera so as soon as she posts some pics I'll steal them.
We had to have Starbucks!
And SUSHI!!!! 
  Had a taste of Surburbian life.