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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New city, new people.

From thurday to sunday, there was a big fashion festival going on donwtown and since Ditte and I were working on the weekdays, we decided to go saturday. Christina, who is the other intern at Tavan & Mitto, just graduated and made 3 pieces (out of 20) for a fashion show. All of the students who graduated from her class had to make 3 looks and they had to draw inspiration from Joan of Arc and make it modern. It was interesting and most of the pieces were really well-made.

Later that day, Ditte and I were going to meet up with a girl whom we've gotten in contact with through facebook. She is a Danish girl who lives in Montreal with her French boyfriend and they both speak Danish, so we were quite excited for that.
They both turned out to be really nice, down-to-earth and fun people. We went over to their place and had a few drinks before we were off to a private party. The night ended just at the right time. We had fun and weren't too tired nor too bored.

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