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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sin city thy name is Montreal and your number is 281.

Friday was a pretty busy day at work. I had done quality control on every garment that was delivered that week for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and my fingers were sore from cutting excess thread. Luckily, I got off work at 5 o'clock and went home to relax for a bit and wait for Ditte. She had a long day and wasn't home until 7 o'clock. We started cooking some dinner and when we were done eating. We started drinking :D We had a few drinks and got a little tipsy. We listened to music and got dressed up to go out. We followed the wind and it blew us towards a little place called 281, also known as a place were women line up to see dancing, naked men. We were seated right in front of the stage and didn't know what to expect. The room was filled with screaming women in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. The "entertainers" were walking around with no shirts on and a flat box with wheels.
The first show we saw was fun and harmless. It was a guy dressed as a janitor dancing around and right before the music stopped he took off his shirt. The next show, however, was a bit more revealing to say the least. This guy was butt naked! He was in his birthday suit! I was shocked. So shocked that I can't even remember his costume, but this was only the beginning.
A few minutes later there was a lady at the bar who was talking to a younger man. It looked intimate and private. He stood very close to her, whispering something to her that made her smile. Suddenly, he pulls his pants down. I had to look the other way, because I felt embarrassed. I thought it was her lover. It turns out that he was giving her a "lap dance". The next thing I know, the girl sitting to my right was given "the same treatment". He looked her in her eyes and blew her hair away from her face. He "stroked" her from her face to her thighs, but kept them 1 cm. from her body the whole time. He then kneels down on the little box (I thought: THAT is what the box is for!!) and simulates an oral service. I was already speechless and stunned by the act - and then... He unzip his pants - Pulls then down - and out came his manhood. He takes it and holds it if front of her face and takes it in the same direction as his hands went, but not just straight down. He draws Ss in the air with it.
This was a rutine that they all performed several times that evening. I was so jealous... of all the money they make! Seriously, they must be rich after a night like that.
To be fair, though, they do their job well. They give the women exactly what they pay for. They give them attention and tell them that they are beautiful. These women had intimate moments with men that they otherwise would never approach. The "dancers" fulfill a fantasy and they are close but never too close or close enough. They are somewhere between fantasy and reality. I bet some women go there every weekend and get lap dances from the same guy every time.

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