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Sunday, August 15, 2010

No regrets... ever!

It has been almost a week now without my fellow intern, Christina aka. "The perfect size 2" at Tavan & Mitto. I have done quality control and checked the hang tags on each and every garment for the fall/winter 2010 collection. It might sound boring (and at times it is) but I enjoy it. I have no idea what the new week will bring but hopefully I won't screw up - that's all I'm worried about.

Ditte and I decided that we would take a break from the teenage party life that we had been living every friday AND saturday since she came here and just relax and let our bodies rest.
Friday after work we had dinner at Schwarts, which is a place known for its smoked meat - and to prove it there's a line up every day, and then we went home to chill. We watched an episode of "Shear Genius" and I got inspired - to say the least. I don't know what came over me but I suddenly said/thought: "I wanna cut my hair" and I did! I went into the bathroom and started chopping it off. I felt like I needed the change for some reason. I like it. It's better than I had anticipated.

Saturday... oh saturday. I might look back on this day in some 20-30 years or so and think: "what the hell was I thinking?" but I'll take the chance. I can't worry about what I MIGHT be thinking in the future. What matters the most is that I'm happy at this very moment. I can spend my time on worries and regrets when I get old.
Yes, I got another tattoo.

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