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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Camera - Canon vs. Sony

I'm so torn. I really want to buy a DSLR camera. I've been looking at the Canon 600d and it takes amazing photos. I'm sure that I would love it and enjoy exploring its many different functions. However, the size is what bothers me. I've also contemplated buying the Sony nex-7 because of its sleek size, but I'm sure that some functions are compromised. At least that's what I've heard about the compact system cameras. What are you're thoughts and what kind of cameras do you guys use?

 Canon 600d front

 Canon 600d back
Sony nex-7 front

Sony nex-7 back


  1. I have the canon 550d which is much like the canon 600d apart from it doesn'thave the flip out screen, however according to this: the 550d has better image quality.

    I don't know anything about sony dslrs though, so I couldn't compare them to Canons, but I'd recommend investing in a good lens rather than body, as that's what often makes the pictures great. xo

    1. Yes I've heard that the 550 is amazing and I think I'd rather have that actually, than the 600d. Also, if I do it I'd need to invest in a good lens, right? Thanks so much!! I think I have to get used to the size of the body if I want good pictures :)


    2. I think a lens makes the photo..I'd definitely recommend investing in a dslr that isn't too expensive and then investing in a good lens, instead of getting a top of the range dslr and using the kit lens. xx

  2. I'm using a Nikon camera. You can't go wrong with the Canon. Canon makes great cameras. :)

  3. I use a Nikon. I used to use a Canon though :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! Visit again soon!


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