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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend In Oslo

I just had an amazing weekend in Oslo. I can't remember when I have laughed this much in such short amount of time. We spent saturday shopping in downtown Oslo before we had some dinner and drinks. Then we got ready and went to a party on a boat.

Sunday was the day of the Soul Sessions Waacking battle. I didn't feel like participating in the competition, because I haven't practiced waacking in a while. I enjoyed being part of the audience and just be inspired by some really beautiful freestyle (improvised) dancers. Our fellow crew member, Diana ended winning the whole thing... She just can't stop getting better and better. WOW (check her out in the video below. she's the one with the curly hair)

Monday morning Diana and I rushed to the airport almost being late to our flight, because of the queuing that took forever. We then found out that Diana forgot her little purse with her ID, passport and Visa! but made it through to Denmark anyways.. crazy!


  1. WOW your friend is such an amazing dancer!!!!!! And I love the lace top <3

  2. sounds like a fun time...your friend is amazing!

    xo erica


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