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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recap of this weekend

It is now sunday night - 10.50 p.m. to be exact...

Friday night I made plans to go out with my girl, Doddy and we told Jazzy to join us - and to our surprise - she did!
We had drinks first and went out at 2 a.m.
We danced, partyed and ran in to weird people. Then.. by 6 a.m. Doddy and stood outside the club (which closed at 5 a.m.) without our jackets and Jazzy. We walked to Doddy's place and found Jazzy waiting at the doorstep. aaaw.

Saturday, hungover and sick, I had promised to help my friend Majken out. She makes awesome acrylic nails (Visit Nailzone) and has won competitions all around Europe. My job was to bring my hands, so to speak. I was her had model at the Danish Championship 2011 in acrylic sculpture nails (professional division)  and she won 1st prize!


Jazzy - the Zumba Queen

Majken, trophy and I

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