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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian

I love following the Kardashian's on their shows. The fashion, the drama and the cursing nonetheless. It's no secret that they are a good-looking family and of course there is a team of stylists, make up artists and hairdressers etc. making sure nothing falls out of place.
However, this one look that Kourtney is fond of is also one of my personal favorites. The red(formal) / coral(casual) lips! I found everything I needed on the website of my favorite make up brand Mac cosmetics.


  1. I think that family is absolutely dreadful. They glamorize, without shame, all of the most vile and negative qualities and for profit no less. With that said, I cannot deny Kourtney's fantastic personal style, even if a product of a team of stylists. I think she tends to wear the best looks and pieces, compared to the rest of her sisters.


  2. She has a great make up! So beautifull

  3. the kardashians? celebrities? absolutely not. they're fictional celebrities -- the fact that we glamorize and worship them is absolutely shameful.
    although i will agree with the queen of hearts -- they always look fantastic. (except for the fat sister. what's her name?) then again, they can afford the fabulous hair extensions and stylists and makeup. ahhh it makes me hate them even more.


  4. hahaha the comment above!

    i dont like them as much either but i really liked how you put the make up tips so well!!

  5. she looks fabolous!
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  6. I'm addicted to their shows, I have to say I think kourtney always has amazing lip color.

    Liz Lizo


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