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Sunday, December 6, 2009

YCB anniversary battle

Friday dec. 4th was the day of the Young City Bandits' 2 vs 2 breakdance battle. My very good friend and former roommate, Anna G, had asked me if I wanted to compete with her and being a non-breakdancer I was scared to death by the thought of participating but I was actually a bit intrigued by the offer. The day before the battle I realized that I would only embarrass myself and I would not do Anna any justice being her teammate in the battle so I had to turn her offer down. Luckily, we met our Swedish bgirl friend, Dragana, who is much more competent in the field of breakdancing. She and Anna entered the competition in the last minute and did an amazing job! They almost made it to the semi-finals.
Dr. Hefo and Anna G

Dragana and Anna G

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