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Friday, August 27, 2010

A weekend in Toronto...

Friday after work our plan was: 1.go sign the contract for our new apartment 2. Do laundry 3. Pack our bags.

Number one we did but then we got a text from our Danish friend here in Montreal. She said that she was going to the Distillery to have a drink and that we were welcome to join her, which of course we did. We ended up getting tipsy from one drink and left early. It was nice to talk to other Danish people and socialize.

In Toronto my cousin, Andy, was our man!! We went with him to a bbq party that his friend Monty held and it was fun. They were cool and down-to-earth peeps. There were a lot of kids though - reminding me not to rush into that if I still want to party, travel and live the lifestyle that I do.
Later that night it started pouring down and we had to go home and change before heading downtown. We didn't think that finding a parking spot would be a problem, seeing as how the weather was horrible for anyone who wanted a night out, but it was. We couldn't park the car anywhere on Queen street, where Andy was meeting one of his friends, so we drove to college and decided to go to a bar called Andy pool hall.
Normally, it's just a bar with pool tables and people come there to have a casual night out but that night we had to pay a cover fee - it was packed! with women/girls!! When we stood at the bar buying drinks we realized that it was lesbian night. There were some aggressive women there- pushing us on the dancefloor and being their butch selves. scary.. but a lot of fun!
Andy took us to Messini's for a late night gyro. That was yummie!

Sunday we wanted to go to the CNE downtown but Andy's friend Chris Daughtry who works there gave us a heads up - saying that it was a bad idea going there because of the weather. We went back to Monty's for a chill bbq part 2.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

No regrets... ever!

It has been almost a week now without my fellow intern, Christina aka. "The perfect size 2" at Tavan & Mitto. I have done quality control and checked the hang tags on each and every garment for the fall/winter 2010 collection. It might sound boring (and at times it is) but I enjoy it. I have no idea what the new week will bring but hopefully I won't screw up - that's all I'm worried about.

Ditte and I decided that we would take a break from the teenage party life that we had been living every friday AND saturday since she came here and just relax and let our bodies rest.
Friday after work we had dinner at Schwarts, which is a place known for its smoked meat - and to prove it there's a line up every day, and then we went home to chill. We watched an episode of "Shear Genius" and I got inspired - to say the least. I don't know what came over me but I suddenly said/thought: "I wanna cut my hair" and I did! I went into the bathroom and started chopping it off. I felt like I needed the change for some reason. I like it. It's better than I had anticipated.

Saturday... oh saturday. I might look back on this day in some 20-30 years or so and think: "what the hell was I thinking?" but I'll take the chance. I can't worry about what I MIGHT be thinking in the future. What matters the most is that I'm happy at this very moment. I can spend my time on worries and regrets when I get old.
Yes, I got another tattoo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New city, new people.

From thurday to sunday, there was a big fashion festival going on donwtown and since Ditte and I were working on the weekdays, we decided to go saturday. Christina, who is the other intern at Tavan & Mitto, just graduated and made 3 pieces (out of 20) for a fashion show. All of the students who graduated from her class had to make 3 looks and they had to draw inspiration from Joan of Arc and make it modern. It was interesting and most of the pieces were really well-made.

Later that day, Ditte and I were going to meet up with a girl whom we've gotten in contact with through facebook. She is a Danish girl who lives in Montreal with her French boyfriend and they both speak Danish, so we were quite excited for that.
They both turned out to be really nice, down-to-earth and fun people. We went over to their place and had a few drinks before we were off to a private party. The night ended just at the right time. We had fun and weren't too tired nor too bored.

Sin city thy name is Montreal and your number is 281.

Friday was a pretty busy day at work. I had done quality control on every garment that was delivered that week for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection and my fingers were sore from cutting excess thread. Luckily, I got off work at 5 o'clock and went home to relax for a bit and wait for Ditte. She had a long day and wasn't home until 7 o'clock. We started cooking some dinner and when we were done eating. We started drinking :D We had a few drinks and got a little tipsy. We listened to music and got dressed up to go out. We followed the wind and it blew us towards a little place called 281, also known as a place were women line up to see dancing, naked men. We were seated right in front of the stage and didn't know what to expect. The room was filled with screaming women in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. The "entertainers" were walking around with no shirts on and a flat box with wheels.
The first show we saw was fun and harmless. It was a guy dressed as a janitor dancing around and right before the music stopped he took off his shirt. The next show, however, was a bit more revealing to say the least. This guy was butt naked! He was in his birthday suit! I was shocked. So shocked that I can't even remember his costume, but this was only the beginning.
A few minutes later there was a lady at the bar who was talking to a younger man. It looked intimate and private. He stood very close to her, whispering something to her that made her smile. Suddenly, he pulls his pants down. I had to look the other way, because I felt embarrassed. I thought it was her lover. It turns out that he was giving her a "lap dance". The next thing I know, the girl sitting to my right was given "the same treatment". He looked her in her eyes and blew her hair away from her face. He "stroked" her from her face to her thighs, but kept them 1 cm. from her body the whole time. He then kneels down on the little box (I thought: THAT is what the box is for!!) and simulates an oral service. I was already speechless and stunned by the act - and then... He unzip his pants - Pulls then down - and out came his manhood. He takes it and holds it if front of her face and takes it in the same direction as his hands went, but not just straight down. He draws Ss in the air with it.
This was a rutine that they all performed several times that evening. I was so jealous... of all the money they make! Seriously, they must be rich after a night like that.
To be fair, though, they do their job well. They give the women exactly what they pay for. They give them attention and tell them that they are beautiful. These women had intimate moments with men that they otherwise would never approach. The "dancers" fulfill a fantasy and they are close but never too close or close enough. They are somewhere between fantasy and reality. I bet some women go there every weekend and get lap dances from the same guy every time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Spike, Nute and Orchid

My cousin Mike from Toronto is visiting us this weekend and we're happy that he could join our little Mtl family of two for a little while.
Ditte and I decided to go clubbing friday night and I wanted to party hard even though I knew I had work in the morning. We had a great time and I had no problem getting up the next day.
Saturday. What a day. I worked and I came home. Took a nap. Ate some food and PARTIED! It started out as it usually does. Ditte and I sit in the kitchen and pre-drink, listen to music and dress up. We went to the club and this time we met 3 young girls. They were happy - still unspoiled by reality - and very friendly. I lost almost all memory of that night after that. I woke up sunday morning feeling like a 16 year-old who partied for the first time. I felt like my head was spinning and just the thought of alcohol -  made me sick - but it was worth it.

Practically impractical

This has been a crazy weekend. I was asked to work saturday in exchange for a monday, so that I did. We had to do an audit, so basically I was in the basement for two days but I loved it. I turned the radio on and did everything at my own pace. This is why... Earlier that week I had to do the labels for the hang tags, which is simple enough. You write the name and the code for an item and you press print. For some reason beyond my technological intellect the printer dies! It literally stops. It doesn't react and the red light kept flashing. I turned it off and then on again but nothing happened. I was asked to do something else the rest of that day.
I was also asked to take photos of every garment in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. These photos go into the linesheets which is like a catalog for the buyers. On each of these linesheets there is a picture of the item together with the name, fabric code and fabric description and the price. That also sounded like a doable task. Click click click and taddah! Easier said/written than done. I must have pissed off the god of electronic equipments, because once we had uploaded the pictures to the computer we saw that they were horrible. Out of focus and awful lighting.
This is why I was glad to be put in the basement aka. the dungeon by myself.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Montreal, I love you!

I have been in Canada for a little more than a month now and I don't wish to be anywhere else.

I started my trip in Toronto where I spent some time with my cousins, aunts and my uncle. They took such great care of me that when I finally came to Montreal I felt lonely and scared. Luckily, that was only the first three days -then Joakim came and stayed for two weeks.  We did a lot of walking and had a blast. Our friend, Will from Seattle came to visit us and it's always fun to see him!

When they left Ditte (aka. my new roomate) joined me. We are both in Montreal to intern, but at two different places. Ditte's first day is this monday and we're both very excited about it. What will her tasks be? How will they treat her? Will they only speak French? =)
I have been an intern for a month now and there has been ups and downs. It's hard to be motivated and see what the incentive is when you work and slave for free. With that said, I have learned so much these last three weeks that I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's interesting to observe other people and see how they are under pressure - how they treat you when they are stressed out and frustrated.

When I'm not at work:

We got an apartment close to downtown (15 min. walk) and the neighbourhood is the best! People here are friendly, polite, helpful, down-to-earth and just enjoy life.
We have been shopping on St-Catherine, had dinner in China town and partied hard on St-Denis - and we've have only taken the metro once! -which was when we went to Wal-mart.
The best food we have had must have been the all you can eat sushi. The next time I go I will remind myself that it's "All you can eat", so I don't have to order EVERYTHING at once.... and the best place to party? "Le diable vert" - We met our best friend, Simon, whom we danced like maniacs with and gave us contreau shots! Ditte has a lot of pictures on her camera so as soon as she posts some pics I'll steal them.
We had to have Starbucks!
And SUSHI!!!! 
  Had a taste of Surburbian life.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Bazaar - show by Werkaholics

Werkaholics performed at the Cph Fashion Bazaar yesterday and it went really well. We laughed, as we always do, and danced our tight pants off! There weren't that many people but it seemed like everybody enjoyed the show. We received very positive feedback and hopefully we will put on a great show again soon. Here are some pictures taken during the waackedeewaackwaack-waacking show!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Twitter is fun if people actually update it once in a while. You don't have to click onto people's profiles to see what they are doing AND you can follow the celebs... Here's mine: let me get yours ;-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Survival of the Waackest!!!

This weekend was eventful to say the least. Saturday was my co-werker, Emilie's confirmation and we celebrated! yes, we did in indeed!!! Sunday started off with me being hungover at work and nervous for the battle, but for once the nerves disappeared as soon as I set my feet on that dancefloor. I felt the vibe and I didn't even want to leave! I was in my popping mode... Here are some less flattering photos :-D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little update....

Ever since the first show at Nørrebros teater, life has been hectic for the Werkaholics and we have had so much support along the way. Luckily, it isn't over yet. There is still more to come. 
With several shows every month, it has been hard to focus on our individual growth but soon it will all change. The summer is coming and we are all going to be traveling the world for months. Hopefully, we will all return with new found energy and passion. There is no doubt that this family is here to stay.

Upcoming events are: Affyr - the 24th of April 
Battle 4 vs 4 - 29th of April
Battle 2 vs 2 - 2nd of May
Waacking and popping battle - 9th of May